Environmental Law & Economics: Slovak environmental activists bound the government to trap

Radovan Kazda
Environmental Policy Analyst
Conservative Institute of M. R. Stefanik

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slovak environmental activists bound the government to trap

By Radovan Kazda, Sme (link)
In the period prior to the entry of Slovakia into the European Union, it was needed to integrate Slovakia into system of nature protection Natura 2000. In case of SPA (Special Protected Areas) Minister László Miklós entrusted creation of a methodology by which should be determined following the territory into the hands of a team of people working in non-governmental organizations. This team developed criteria, under which up to 25 percent of the territory of Slovakia gradually come under the scheme of the the prohibition of certain activities. It is the largest share SPA of all the European Union..
Payment of compensation is uncertain
The proposal was sent and subsequently approved by the European Commission, but it soon became the target of legitimate criticism. Owners of forests are of course, unhappy with regulations and they highlight the risk of inability to pay government compensation for restrictions on current land to the large territory, because these commitments the government fails to pay also in the current system of protected areas.

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